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Professional Air Sealing


Benefits of Our Air Sealing Services:

  • Air Sealing Can Decrease Heating & Cooling Costs by 20% or More!

  • Your Home's Air Leakage is Accurately Measured With our Blower Door Test

  • Air Sealing is a "Once-and-Done" Repair

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

  • A&A Insulation Sprayfoam uses special equipment to identify even the small, less obvious leaks.

  • Extensive Inspections & FREE Estimates!

Improve the Comfort of Your Home With Air Sealing

Sealing air leaks in your home is a simple, cost-effective way to lower heating and cooling costs, increase comfort, and create a healthier indoor environment. 

Heat can find its way out of the home through a wide variety of gaps, cracks, and holes in all parts of the house. With our blower door test and home energy audit, we can quantify how much air is leaking out of your house and pinpoint the leaks.

From the attic to the basement, A&A Insulation Sprayfoam can locate and seal air leaks all throughout the home.

Common Sources of Air Leakage

Air sealing targets common locations where air leaks occur in a house:

  • Plumbing & Wiring Penetrations Through Floors, Walls & Ceilings

  • Around Chimney Passes

  • Attic Access Hatches, Doors & Drop-Down Stairs

  • Around Recessed Lights & Fans

  • Around Windows & Exterior Doors

  • Cracks, Gaps & Holes in Drywall or Plaster

  • Around Electrical Outlets & Switches

  • Sump Pump Holes

  • Bath Fans

  • Leaky Basement Windows

  • Rim Joists in the Basement or Crawl Space

Air Sealing & Insulation Go Hand-in-Hand

It's important to note that neither insulation or air sealing alone are enough to reduce heat flow. Air sealing should always be done before insulation is installed. 

As part of our air sealing, we typically air seal the attic first since this is where the most significant leakage occurs. The basement and crawl space areas are our second priority. Air sealing these spaces eliminates a major source of cold air infiltration.

Fiberglass insulation is too light to stop air leakage, however, spray foam insulation can effectively reduce air leakage.

Air sealing and insulation upgrades from A&A Insulation Sprayfoam can possibly cut your heating and cooling costs in half. 

Learn more about our blower door test or give us a call to schedule an estimate for an air sealing and insulation upgrade!

Start Saving Energy & Money With an Air-Sealing Upgrade

A & A Insulation Sprayfoam  technicians can perform a second blower door test when the air sealing work is done. The lower leakage rating confirms that you have a more airtight home, with enhanced energy performance, greater comfort, and lasting savings on your heating and cooling bills.

Don't let anymore of your conditioned air escape from your home! Call 1-931-300-9357or  to schedule a free inspection of home insulation and an air sealing cost estimate. We also offer  Weatherization services in  Tennessee and  Alabama We are your trusted air sealing and insulation contractor.


We Would be Proud to be able to say we have earned your Trust


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